SHC working groups are initiatives created to deliver sustainable solutions and innovations to address the health needs of underserved communities, driven by the insights and recommendations of leaders in the public and private sector.

SHC works with a network of experts to develop a range of projects, reports, and data sets suited to the needs of a client, ranging from confidential white papers to journal publications and powerpoint presentations. SHC has a multisectoral network of partners and collaborators, and unique access to multiple databases that lends itself to effective work in addressing health disparities at every level or change.

Diabetes Working Group and Equity Task Force

Sustainable Healthy Communities (SHC) is working with partners to address the large and growing diabetes public health emergency, especially among people of color and the poor who face serious co-morbidities, in order to achieve the triple aim of good care, outcomes, and controlled costs.

Diverse Cancer Communities Working Group

Our Diverse Cancer Communities Working Group (CWG) is a three-year initiative (2017-2020) inspired by the Cancer Moonshot and the Biden Cancer Initiative. The CWG will deliver a sustainable set of solutions and innovations to optimize cancer screening, access to care, treatment and clinical trial inclusion for underserved populations and ethnic minorities in the United States.

Promoting Equitable Adult Immunization

SHC is partnering with leaders and health systems across the nation to promote increased and equitable influenza immunizations.

Summit on Heart Failure In African Americans

SHC in collaboration with NMQF and Aetna, hosted a Summit of experts, stake-holders, and patients, to put forward an action plan that will promote evidence-based and person-centered care for African Americans with HF that will save lives and dollars.