SHC Research Support Capabilities

How individuals respond to treatments or medicines can differ depending on a various of factors, including the race, ethnicity, sex, genetic background, and lifestyle. In order to develop the most effective medicines for all people who use them, its is important to have diverse representation in clinical trials. SHC incorporates comprehensive data and interactive analytics to empower patients, clinicians, and communities to engage in and champion research.

Health indicesSHC encourages diversity in clinical research through the provision of data to support targeted recruitment of diverse populations, promoting research participation and promoting health at the community level. Through data, atlases and indices SHC works to build awareness, start conversations, and increase diversity in clinical trials, especially among African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic populations. Customizable and actionable geomaps guide research recruitment to regions and clinics with the conditions under investigation.

National network of clinical and community leaders: A growing network of clinicians and community leaders have been educated about clinical research and serve as a recruitment pool. SHC encourages diversity in clinical research, promoting research participation and promoting health at the community level.

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