Our Team


Laura Lee Hall, PhD, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President

Dr. Laura Lee Hall worked with Dr. Gary Puckrein to launch SHC in the fall of 2016, building a network of indices in immunizations, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.  She has launched health improvement initiatives in 6 states as well as working groups in diabetes and cancer, with publications promoting best practices.   Read Full Bio


J’Aimee A. Louis, MPH, Health Equity and Quality Coordinator

Dr. Laura Lee Hall is helping to launch SHC, LLC as its COO and SVP. Prior to joining SHC, Dr. Hall founded and lead the Center for Quality and Office of Grants at the American College of Physicians (ACP), creating a network of more than 2000 primary care physicians in 19 states engaged in quality improvement (QI) activities along with the largest federally qualified registry for Medicare reporting. The Center for Quality initiatives in chronic pain and safe opioid use, as well as adult immunization and diabetes were supported by more than $12 million from the federal government, pharmaceutical industry, and foundations with demonstrated improvements in patient outcomes.   Read Full Bio


Jeanne M. Regnante, Senior Vice President, Community Education and Chair, Diverse Cancer Communities Working Group

Jeanne M. Regnante, is Senior VP of Community Education for Sustainable Healthy Communities, LLC and Chair of the Diverse Cancer Communities Working Group (CWG) Jeanne’s experience includes: Founding member of Patient Focused Medicines Development (PFMD), Co- leader for two EU Innovative Medicines Initiatives (IMI) , and a member of multiple public-private projects focused on multiple aspects and drivers for optimizing patient engagement in medicines development. She has enjoyed her 30+ work experience at Merck & Co. which includes Head of Global Patient Engagement, Strategy and… Read Full Bio


Tom Wallace, Senior Advisor Quality Measurement and Partnerships

Tom Wallace is a senior advisor to Sustainable Healthy Communities, LLC (SHC) and leads the development of our Community Health Indicators project. The initiative will leverage National Minority Quality Forum (NMQF) data and collaborate with patient advocates to increase their voice and viewpoint into clinical and value decision making. Tom joined SHC after a 29-year career at Eli Lilly and Company and is a respected opinion leader for U.S. and International health care alliance building strategies. Read Full Bio