Promoting Equitable Adult Immunization

SHC is partnering with leaders and health systems across the nation to promote increased and equitable influenza immunizations.

Activities include:

Effective and Equitable Influenza Vaccine Coverage in Older and Vulnerable Adults: The Imperative for Rapid, Evidence-based Innovation and Transformation,

Gregory A. Poland, Laura Lee Hall, and Jennifer A. Powell for the Advisory Group at the Meeting “Influenza Immunization among Older Adults:  Population Health Strategies for Promoting Equity and Achieving Healthy People 2020 Goals ”  Published.  Vaccine. 

DRIVE – Demonstrating Rising Influenza Vaccine Equity

SHC is partnering with leading health care systems around the country, including Christiana Care Health System in Delaware, Prisma Health in South Carolina, and Urban Health Plan in New York, to provide sustainable training and practice/system change that results in increased influenza immunization rates, especially among people of color.

Behavioral Economic Interventions in Pharmacies to Increase Influenza Vaccine Coverage Rates: A Pilot Study

In collaboration with researchers at Sanofi Pasteur, the University of Toronto, and Walmart, SHC is studying the impact of interactive education and peer-group comparison performance feedback – the Nudge – on influenza immunization rates.  The study promises to increase access to the vaccine in many underserved communities nationwide.

Influenza Immunization in Medicare FFS: An Analysis of Factors Correlated to Vaccine Uptake

Partnering with Sanofi Pasteur and researchers at the University of Manitoba, SHC is examining how chronic disease, providers, geography, and demographics relate to immunizations in the Medicare program.

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