Diversity In Research

How individuals respond to treatments or medicines can differ depending on a various of factors, including the race, ethnicity, sex, genetic background, and lifestyle. In order to develop the most effective medicines for all people who use them, its is important to have diverse representation in clinical trials. SHC boasts the nation’s only campaign to encourage diversity in clinical research—I’M IN –with its tools for promoting research participation and promoting health at the community level. I’M IN exists to build awareness, start conversations, and increase diversity in clinical trials, especially among African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic populations.

Since I’m In was launched in March 2014, more than 50 organizations have signed on to become champions and help raise awareness about the benefits of clinical trial participation and the need for greater diversity. Communicating about the importance of diversity in clinical trials is critical. Together, we increase our chances of reaching key audiences and affecting change. You can learn more about I’m In champions and join these organizations by visiting the I’M IN completing the Ways to Engage Form today.


There a free resources available for download, all developed by I’m In to help you share news in your community about the importance of clinical trials. There include: