Our Capabilities

SHC produces a range of services and products that incorporate comprehensive data, interactive analytics, impactful communication and education, and community and expert engagement.

Health indices: The core SHC data product — customizable and actionable geomaps — reflect exclusively licensed data from the NMQF. Visually mapping disease prevalence, patient and provider characteristics, treatment access, hospital use, costs, and more, powerfully guides planning, resource distribution, quality improvement, and advocacy. The health indices can range from basic maps of common, costly diseases to customizable maps and databases with multiple data overlays and access options, all supported by regular expert support.


Quality and educational programs: SHC staff are known for their development of innovative and impactful quality and education programs targeting patients, community leaders, and health care teams. By helping system leaders, physicians and their care teams, or patient groups understand their own health data, SHC assists stake-holders in their journey to improved outcomes, whether it requires workflow changes or an advocacy plan. The programs include in-person live events, web-based live and recorded programs, and individualized telephonic coaching, and peer-to-peer support.


Advisory groups: SHC staff have extensive expertise in planning and implementing advisory groups that can guide the use of health indices for service planning, population health management, clinical trial recruitment, marketing, or advocacy campaigns. Whether the guidance comes from the best health care minds and innovators or patient groups, care providers and community representatives, SHC powerfully connects its unique data products with the richness of human insights.


Original research: SHC works with a network of experts to develop a range of reports suited to the needs of the client, ranging from confidential white papers to journal publications and powerpoint presentations. Because SHC has unique access to multiple databases that can be linked to one another and followed over time at the patient, provider, or community level, retrospective analyses and hypothesis-testing correlates of health outcomes are possible, as is the development and testing of quality measures.


Clinical trial recruitment support and patient engagement: SHC encourages diversity in clinical research through the provision of data to support targeted recruitment of diverse populations, promoting research participation and promoting health at the community level. SHC works to build awareness, start conversations, and increase diversity in clinical trials, especially among African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic populations. In addition, SHC provides services for recruiting diverse patient populations to clinical trials, based on health index data. Customizable and actionable geomaps guide research recruitment to regions and clinics with the conditions under investigation. Both clinicians and patient groups are part of the network from which SHC recruits, providing both a data-driven and patient-centered approach.


To learn more about SHC’s data analytic and visualization capabilities and how we can customize a program that meets your needs for improving health outcomes, please review the SHC Data Description. Contact SHC to begin designing your project request.

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