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The National Minority Quality Forum and Sustainable Healthy Communities, LLC (SHC) are pleased to provide full public access to the Biden Cancer Community to the Cancer Atlas, co-developed by the Diverse Cancer Community Working Group, a partnership, inspired by the Cancer Moonshot. We feel that the real challenge lies not in debating whether disparities exist, but in the identification of the patients at most risk and developing and implementing local strategies to reduce and eliminate them.

The Cancer Atlas is an efficient tool which provides researchers, advocates, and educators the ability to inform hypotheses for community research, target screening programs and educate congressional leaders and policymakers on the cancer constituents that they serve.

Making these data and other requested SHC data available, we feel, will ignite collaboration to address cancer health equity with sustainability, one community at a time.

Biden Cancer Initiative Press Release

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Cancer Atlas

The Cancer Atlas, a user-friendly access portal, provides 2015 patient-level data via state-of-the-art, geo-mapping technology with the following searchable data fields- geographical (nation, state, zip code, legislative district), prevalence, incidence and demographical (age, gender, race, ethnicity, total cost). Data is provided for the following six cancers: breast, colorectal, prostate, lung, endometrial and blood cancers.


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