SHC to Broadly Expand Health Data Mapping and Education

National Minority Quality Forum Announces Creation of New Company, Sustainable Healthy Communities, LLC (SHC)

SHC to Broadly Expand Health Data Mapping and Education, Promoting Health Equity and Strategic Resource Management


Washington, DC, December 16, 2016 – The National Minority Quality Forum (NMQF) announced today the creation of Sustainable Healthy Communities, LLC (SHC), a pioneering company dedicated to providing big data analytics, mapping, and education to measure and improve population health in every community. The SHC business model is built on the premise that critical intelligence is required for health care systems, research organizations, policy-makers, clinicians, and the public to work toward sustainable improvements in patient outcomes at the community level.

Dr. Gary Puckrein, Chief Executive Officer of SHC, asserts that he has founded this new company to help stake-holders use the unprecedented amount of data available today. “Health care system stake-holders, including patients and clinicians, are bombarded by data, without the tools to translate it into improved population health. SHC will clearly communicate actionable data analyses, so that equitable and sustainable improvements can be achieved in each community. We are committed to understanding and reporting on patterns of preventable events—disease, hospitalizations, medical errors, disabilities and deaths—not only as indicators of health care finance and delivery system problems but to capture the community context for such outcomes, and most importantly, generate solutions that can guide the systematic, expeditious discovery and distribution of medical care to improve the quality of life and promote longevity for diverse populations in a timely and cost-efficient manner.”


SHC will release health indices in a variety of formats, including disease-specific atlases and maps, detailed statistical reports, chart books, and other summary analyses. The data are drawn from public and private sources that heretofore have not been integrated or available at a central location. SHC has exclusive publishing rights to the NMQF data. Beyond presentation of data in a way that can be understood, SHC offers services for translating the data analytics into meaningful action, including research and advisory group support, education of clinicians and consumer advocates, and recruitment for clinical trials based on geomaps.


Dr. Laura Lee Hall, joining SHC as its Chief Operating Officer, brings more than 25 years of experience with health data analysis, research, advocacy, education, and quality improvement, especially for patients and clinical teams facing chronic illness, disability, and significant gaps in care. “I am extremely excited to be part of the leadership launching this new company.   Its approach perfectly syncs with 21st century opportunities for promoting sustainable health, by harnessing big data and supporting its use at the community level. On the heels of the U.S. election, there is probably no better time to map health outcomes and contributing factors across diverse populations and regions, so as to promote the triple aim—better care, outcomes, and value—and health equity and innovation.”

Dr. Bernard Rosof is the SHC President. Dr. Rosof is at the forefront of national initiatives in the areas of quality and performance improvement. In addition to his role as President of SHC, Dr. Rosof is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Quality in HealthCare Advisory Group (QHC) and serves in a leadership capacity on numerous national and international bodies promoting health care quality. “I am deeply committed to the mission of SHC and confident that it will achieve its goals of promoting sustainable health for all of our citizens. Applying the tools of big data, patient centered care and community engagement gives me the confidence that innovations in American health care will help us achieve our goals of better and affordable care for the nation; every life, every day, as our tag line states.”

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About Sustainable Healthy Communities, LLC

Sustainable Healthy Communities, LLC (SHC) is a Washington, DC-based for-profit organization launched by NMQF to publish health indices, coupled to communications, hosting of technical and community meetings, provider and community education, research, and clinical trial recruitment services, aimed at promoting health equity and the triple aim. Visit our website at


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